My Milestones
Emilia Four Months
The Month in Brief:
*I like to smile all the time now and I love anyone who will smile back at me  *I’m constantly making friends at the supermarket and in the street  *I get told all the time how much I look like my Daddy   
*We celebrated Father’s Day with Grandpa Andrew in Downtown LA  *I turned into an “Emmiscle” this month (even though it was Summer), when I visited my cousins up in Washington  *Grandma and Grandpa Glass showed me my first fireworks over Lake Washington!   *I got to stay at my first lake house with The Tesarik’s  *We all got to see “The Edmonds House”, (in WA) where my Daddy grew up as a boy, and where I’ll probably get to live for some time  *After I got back from Washington Daddy took us to The LA Zoo and the whole family melted because it was the hottest day of the year in LA...I got a plastic gorilla as a souvenier (see above) :)
Saturday, June 17, 2006
Head Size:
This Month’s “Firsts”:
*I almost sleep through the night with the occasional four o’clock rouse  *I am sitting up for very short periods of time without help...I fall down after about a minute of holding my pose
*I coo, trill, and babble various sounds that are very melodic
*I respond to my favorite songs now when Mommy sings them to me
*I also had my first: 1. Heat Wave  2. Airplane Trip  3. Fireworks  4. Trip to Washington  5.  Lake House Visit  6. Trip to The Zoo  7.  Plastic Gorilla....I was very busy this month!
Height: 25.25”
14lbs. 15 1/2oz.
Head Size:
Sleep: 8pm-4am
Breast Milk
Speech:  I babble and coo, and I make trilling sounds with more intonantion and more often