My Milestones
Emilia One Year!
This Month’s “Firsts”:
*I turned ONE this month!!!
*Now I like to mimic gestures
*I learned how to blow a kiss!
*I try to turn my hands in motion to “the wheels on the bus...”
*I cry when Mom leaves the room
*I still love to point at things around me and ask “dis?”-what is this?
*I can take things out of a basket or area and also set them back in
*I can follow directives like “stand up”, “sit down” 
*I like to play hide and seek games
*I got my top two teeth this month
Saturday, February 17, 2007
Height: 31”
Weight:  22 lbs.
Head Size:
Anything and everything!!!
Speech:   I answer questions and repeat some words llike “hot”