My Milestones
This Month’s “Firsts”:
*I answer the question “how big are you...” with my hands up in the air “sooo big!” This also works for any question beginning with “how..”
*I can tell you what a cow and a doggy say when prompted with the question
*I can climb the stairs in our apartment all by myself
*I crawl and “crusise” ALL over the house too
*Often times I’ll curiously crawl or cruise out of eye sight, only to  get people to ask “where is Emilia?” and then I get to crawl and surprise them with a great big smile when they say “oh there she is!”.
*I understand “no”
*I can clap along to rhythms in my favorite songs now as well
Emilia Ten Months
Sunday, December 17, 2006
Height: 29”
Weight:  21lbs.
Head Size:
Anything that is cut up into bite sized pieces.
Speech:   I answer questions and repeat some words llike “hot”