My Milestones
Emilia Week Ten
The Month in Brief:
*  I’m so big now (26.5 cm in length), that I often get asked if I’m 5 months old  *  I got to meet my Tia Monique (Moe) this month  *  We went to Disneyland, battled a roach invasion, and took a trip to Ikea  *  I took my first official family portrait at Sears with Mom and Dad  *  Now I’m fitting in some 6-9 month clothes  *  My favorite pajamas are my striped footies with tassles on my toes  *  I now smile socially...especially if you smile at me first  *  I sleep through the night (7pm-6am), if I get a “dream feed” from Mommy at around 10:30pm  *  I’m in complete control of my head now  *  I can follow objects of interest intently with my eyes  *  I stand up (on laps and other surfaces), if you hold my hands
Friday, April 28, 2006
Height: 24 3/4”
12lbs. 7 3/4 oz.
Head Size:
Sleep: every 2 hours during the day, I sleep 5-6 hours at night now
Breast Milk
Speech:  I cry and coo, and I say ahhh and ooo